COMO Uma Paro

Paro, Thimphu & Punakha

With a limited number of visitors granted entry each year, Bhutan may be a tiny Himalayan Kingdom, but it is endlessly intriguing and enticing. Since it’s a place so few will ever see with their own eyes. Even fewer will get to experience the luxurious and exclusive accommodation at COMO Uma Paro, the best of Bhutan’s best.

Located just a few kilometres from Paro town, COMO Uma Paro is perfectly situated for discovering Bhutan in all its undercover glory.

A stay at COMO Uma Paro is about immersing yourself in the richly textured culture of Bhutan while enjoying the luxuries of a COMO resort. Nine private villas and 20 luxury rooms combine the colourful accents of traditional Bhutanese craftsmanship with the clean-lined contemporary design for which COMO Hotels and Resorts are known throughout the world. The result is a luxury resort that feels original and authentic at the same time.

Signature restaurant Bukhari serves international comfort food and local gastronomic fare based on seasonal, local produce. Relaxed Uma Bar provides all-day dining and refreshments.

Access the highlights of Bhutan’s Buddhist countryside or stay close to home, discovering the calming spirit of Ayurveda at the Bhutan spa. Relax in elegant interiors, indulge in delectable food, lose yourself in mind-bending scenery. A visit to COMO Uma Paro is a spiritual experience that will electrify your body and soul.

COMO Uma Paro Information
Location & Getting There

COMO Uma Paro sits on a breathtaking tree-clad hill overlooking the town of Paro, with spectacular, almost spiritual, views. The hotel is a 10-minute drive from the Paro International Airport, with daily service from Bangkok, Kolkata, Delhi, Kathmandu, and Singapore.


In a striking example of contrast, the modern Zen-inspired architecture and interiors at COMO Uma Paro feel completely at home among the raw natural beauty of the Himalayas. Nine villas and the main lodge (that houses 20 luxury rooms) are set into 38 acres of wooded hillsides, with stunning views of the peaks above and the valleys below.

Every guest space combines colourful accents and traditional Bhutanese craftsmanship with light-filled, clean-lined contemporary design. From the 25 square metre forest view rooms, to the 300 square metre spectacular Como Villa, every space is designed to elevate your mind and soothe your soul.


You could lose hours just staring at the surreal beauty of the Himalayan landscape from your sumptuous room, but that would be a shame, because there is so much to see and do. Bhutan is a trekking country, so don’t miss the opportunity to hike some of the world’s most impressive mountainous terrain, including the challenging, but jaw-dropping, one-day hike up to the mountain-perched monastery Tiger’s Nest, with prayer flags creating a colourful trail. You’ll meet donkeys, horses, and monks on the ascent, and, at the top, if the overwhelming sense of awe and peace doesn't satiate you, a delicious tiffin box of healthy snacks will.

There are mountain biking adventures (mostly downhill) through nearby villages, where you can observe local life. There is a national museum and a mystical temple, with an orange tree that magically bears fruit all year round. There are scenic adventures by helicopter and guided tours on 4WD. And when you feel like completely turning off, there is the Bhutan spa, where a range of holistic, Asian-inspired treatments will calm your spirit and still your mind.


COMO Uma Paro welcomes young guests; babysitting services are available upon request and dining options can be tailored for young palettes. The resort is best enjoyed, however, by older children who can partake in the trekking, cycling, and other cultural activities on offer.

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Why we recommend COMO Uma Paro

COMO Uma Paro, Bhutan

“An intimate stay with discreet service and a focus on wellbeing makes this a must-stay on any Bhutan itinerary. Located just a few kilometres from Paro town, COMO Uma Paro is perfectly situated for discovering the country in all its undercover glory. The resort sits on the mountainside and the rooms combine traditional Bhutanese craftsmanship with clean-lined contemporary design.

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