SHA Wellness Clinic


With over a decade of experience, this modern health center is considered one of the best medical spas in Europe. Its founder envisioned opening a clinic and treating major illnesses by fusing together cutting-edge Western techniques and ancient Eastern philosophies.

Carefully tailored programs offer the latest medical innovations combined with natural therapies. Options range from Weight Control & Detox, Fitness, Rejuvenation, and Stress Relief to more specific focuses such as sleeping better or giving up smoking. Emphasis is on learning and normalizing habits to result in permanent change and long-lasting results.

An all-suite property; each of the 92 living spaces is equipped with a private balcony or terrace and with sea or mountain views. Elegant yet minimal design soothes and calms whilst not detracting from the natural surroundings.

SHAmadi Restaurant uses ingredients from its organic garden with three healthy eating menus available depending on your program. The focus is on healthy nutrition; but not deprivation, there’s even a delectable range of healthy desserts!

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Why we recommend SHA Wellness Clinic

There is such a wealth of knowledge on site and SHA Wellness Clinic always stays ahead of the game by having the most up to date technology. The health programs are very thorough, and each has a huge number of inclusions, meaning you have the best chance of achieving your goals. The focus is also on changing habits for life; when you leave you’re given a personalized health plan to continue what you learned at home.

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