Kudanil Explorer


The Kudanil Explorer is a 50-metre long luxury expedition yacht that’ll take you diving, surfing and exploring the most magical unknown parts of the Indonesian archipelago. Guests can choose their departure point and each trip is completely bespoke and dependent on guests' desires or the best places to avoid the rain and sail on calm waters.

What sets it apart from the other expedition boats is that it combines the safety of a heavy-duty offshore vessel with the opportunity for passengers to venture out further to remote and fascinating areas where other boats cannot go to. The Kudanil Explorer is the only ABS (American Bureau of Shipping) classed charter yacht in Indonesia and extremely suited for guests that are prone to seasickness and are looking for a yacht as stable as possible.

Traveling on Kudanil Explorer is an ideal way to discover the A-List spots of the archipelago such as Komodo and Raja Ampat but also lesser-known gems of Indonesia in total luxury. The interiors of this ship are super-luxe – she is the only yacht in Indonesia featuring private balconies in each room, complete with daybeds for alfresco relaxation.


Accommodating only 16 people each time, the eight identical state-of-the-art cabins (each 30 sqm) with private, spacious balconies come with all modern amenities. A nautical feel mixes wooden finishings and subtle fabrics for a sense of calm. There’s also a communal lounge, stylish library, and a very generous (1000 sqm/1,000 sqft) space across 4 decks that are exclusively for guests to use. A 21-person crew onboard ensures that everyone is well looked after and all needs are attended to.

Facilities & Activities

Onboard guests can relax in the jacuzzi, unwind in the spa and dine at Kudanil Explorer's two chic restaurants. From the beautiful top deck, guests can enjoy the view of the horizon, sun tan during the day and star gaze at night.

For keen surfers, you can head to Nusa Tenggara Timur where you will have the hidden surf breaks of Savu and Sumba mostly to yourself. Or, you can snorkel or dive at some of the world’s best sites and come face to face with manta rays and whale sharks. East Indonesia sits right in the heart of the Coral Triangle, which means you'll encounter more coral fish species than in any other waters on the planet.

To add to the comfort, Kudanil Explorer is equipped with air-conditioning, WiFi, kayaks, paddleboards, wakeboards, snorkelling and diving equipment, and a dedicated surf team with extensive experience in Indonesia.

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Why we recommend Kudanil Explorer

"Travelling on Kudanil Explorer is an ideal way to discover the lesser-known parts of Indonesia in total luxury. We really like the feel of her ample lounge deck which is a glamorous place to sip a cocktail and watch the world go by - be it on a surf, cruise or dive trip. Unrivalled safety, space and cosiness. This is a yacht built for exploration, designed for comfort."

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