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Giraffe Manor in Kenya is famous for its resident herd of endangered Rothschild giraffes. This iconic boutique hotel was built in the 1930s and is situated within 140 acres of forest land. Originally used as a hunting lodge, the quaint building has maintained its glorious periodic charm throughout the years.

The manor is furbished with 10 ensuite luxury bedrooms, including a honeymoon master bedroom and a family suite. The rooms are inspired by the manor’s long history, featuring large four-poster beds and antique furnishings.

Breakfast and lunch are served in a chandelier-decorated room with vast windows, while dinner takes place in a candle-lit wood-panelled drawing room. There is also a spa and a shop selling arts and crafts for guests looking to indulge in their creative side during their visit.

By the time you leave Giraffe Manor, you’ll know each of the resident Rothschild giraffes by name. These curious creatures are known to poke their heads through the window as you enjoy your breakfast. They will even eat out of your hands and give you slobbering kisses on the front terrace!

Giraffe Manor Information

Location & Getting There

Giraffe Manor is nestled at the heart of the Kenyan bush, in the Lang’ata suburb of Nairobi, which is a 20-minute drive from Nairobi International Airport as well as Wilson Domestic Airport.


This exclusive manor is furnished with 10 ensuite luxury bedrooms, each with a unique name and themed decor. Betty's room features a roof terrace and in-room fireplace, while Daisy's room has two large single beds with overhead canopies as well as a roof terrace of its own. Jock's room consists of twin queen size beds facing the main manor. Meanwhile, Marlon's room has twin beds with stunning green silk covers, and Lynn's room is a double bedroom located at the back of the manor.

The Karen Blixen suite is located on the ground floor with a double bed and a mezzanine with twin beds, which is accessed via a spiral staircase from the main ground floor bedroom. The Finch Hatton suite comprises the same amenities as the Karen Blixen, with an additional bed to accommodate a third child.

Kelly's room boasts three single beds, although two of these can be put together to accommodate couples if necessary. It possesses a delightful fireplace, traditional furniture and views out over the sanctuary. Arlene's room and Helen's room are located upstairs in the garden manor, with Helen’s room acting as a superior double or twin room.


Guests are able to interact intimately with the Rothschild giraffes at the front terrace every morning, poking their heads through the window at breakfast and eating out of guests' hands. Later in the day, you can return to the terrace to enjoy a delicious afternoon tea, again in the company of the manor’s Rothschild residents.

However, giraffes aren’t the only animals travellers can get up close to when staying at this special spot. Nearby is the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Orphanage, the most successful elephant orphan programme in the world. Here, visitors can watch on as the keepers feed and interact with the elephants, then observe the baby elephants as they take a midday mud bath.

Sitting just behind the manor is the orchid house, a must for those with a love for plant life. Brimming with vegetation and natural light, the orchid provides an enchanting yet quiet escape, ideal for reading, meditating, painting or taking in the greenery. Visitors can explore the orchid free of charge at any time, and if they wish, can even enjoy a romantic, candlelit dinner within its surroundings.

Other activities include sightseeing around the Lang’ata area, excursions to the Karen Blixen Museum, Kazuri Beads, Matt Bronze and Marula Studios.


Babysitting can be arranged on request and children’s meal times can be arranged with the hotel.

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Why we recommend Giraffe Manor Kenya

This is a glorious property in Nairobi in Kenya, made famous by the fact that guests can hang out with the resident herd of Rothschild giraffes that delight in sticking their necks through the windows to be fed treats. Girraffe Manor is set in a 1930s manor house which retains the style and feel of its former days, so you feel like you’re staying at a friend’s property. It may not have a pool and gym, but the giraffes more than make up for it.

Giraffe Manor provides one of the most memorable wildlife experiences in East Africa. The manor house truly retains the style and feel of its former days, so you feel like you’re staying at a friend’s property. It may not have a pool or gym, but the giraffes more than make up for it.

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