Papua New Guinea


If you’re looking for an adventure that’s off the beaten track, Papua New Guinea is certainly the place to go. With almost no tourist infrastructure, every experience feels authentic and uncontrived.

With its thousands of different cultural groups, spectacular flora and fauna, coral reefs, lowland rainforests and abundance of animal species, Papua New Guinea is arguably one of the most fascinating places in the world to visit.

It is only one-ninth as big as Australia, yet has just as many mammal species, and more kinds of birds and frogs. Australian kangaroos bounce across the plains, whilst in Papua New Guinea they climb through the rainforest!

Visit the Highlands for a fascinating glimpse into the tribal cultures – Papua New Guinea has over 1,000 different cultural groups, each with its own language, art, music, dance, fashion, weapons and architecture. Whether it’s experiencing Mudmen performances at Mt Hagen, Sepik River Cruises, Sepik spirit house visits or visiting the Huli people in the Southern Highlands, Papua New Guinea is never short of things to see and do.

Papua New Guinea is also a great place for avid divers as pelagic schools of tuna, Spanish mackerel, barracuda, white tip and black tip reef sharks, hammerheads and the rare white hammerheads inhabit these exotic waters – turtles, manta rays and eagle rays are also seen cruising by on occasion.

Papua New Guinea Itineraries