Our pick of the best experiences in Western Australia

Vast and sprawling, Western Australia is a playground of spectacular coastlines, lush forests, gorges and waterfalls, peninsulas and lagoons, and no one to see for miles. With a climate that has long, sun-filled days, this all-year-round destination offers nature, fun and happiness in abundance.

The state’s capital, Perth, is a cosmopolitan city with great restaurants, shops and activities. Nearby, the charming port town of Fremantle boasts a boho beach culture and artsy vibe. Margaret River is Australia’s premium wine-growing region, full of gourmet restaurants and opportunities to go truffle-hunting.

Water lovers can snorkel with whale sharks, humpback whales and manta rays, and relax on exquisite white-sand beaches at the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Ningaloo Reef.

Northwest lies Kimberley, a remote ancient landscape filled with prolific wildlife, majestic canyons, freshwater swimming holes and several outback stations. Whilst here stop off in Broome, a beautiful seaside town with pearling shops, Aboriginal art galleries and cafes.

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