Our favourite food & drink experiences in Asia

An important part of any holiday planning involves looking for the best places to eat. Dining on a region’s local cuisine is one of the most enjoyable ways of understanding the culture. At Lightfoot Travel, our Travel Designers don’t just dine at the Michelin star restaurants and hip eateries; we suss out tiny roadside cafes, pavement stalls popular with the locals, and even the private homes of local chefs.

Keep energy levels high in Ho Chi Minh city with piping hot bowls of Pho soup, or head on a street food tour of Hoi An, stopping for Vietnamese coffee and Banh Mi as you go. Alternatively, feast on the freshest seafood in Japan with an exquisite omakase meal at a hidden sushi restaurant washed down with the finest Saki.

For any budding chefs, private dumpling making classes in Beijing, China, will have you whipping up fillings and concocting natural dyes from fresh vegetables. Over in Thailand, visit the morning markets and learn from a professional as they teach you about the ingredients, flavours and techniques as you cook.

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