Our favourite sustainable and eco-tourism experiences in Asia

Increasingly, travellers are realising that there can be a deeper purpose to travel than just racking up a holiday experience. Sustainable and eco-tourism not only inspires travellers to appreciate nature and understand other cultures; it nurtures a commitment to environmental responsibility. Enhance your travels to Asia with a customised eco-trip with Lightfoot Travel, so you can leave a positive footprint wherever you go.

Visit the remote hill tribe villages of Indochina across Northern Thailand and Northern Vietnam and gain an insight into their daily life. You can assist by giving out donation packets of daily necessities and schooling equipment like notebooks and pencils. Get involved with working on the land in Laos; learn about sustainable arts and permaculture in Bali; and support the local economies by buying crafts and souvenirs from local artisans.

Stay at eco-friendly and sustainable properties like Cambodia’s Song Saa. Fashioned almost entirely from reclaimed materials, its 27 eco-chic villas, restaurant and spa overlook the country’s first marine reserve.

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