Selous, now renamed Nyerere National Park, is one of the largest and most important game reserves in Africa. Located in a remote region south of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, what you will see here is well worth the effort.

Nyerere National Park is three times larger than the Serengeti with one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the world. The great Rufiji River winds its way through the heart of the landscape, and exploring the river with its many waterways and lakes is an amazing experience. Definitely take your fishing rod with you as there are plenty of healthy catfish swimming around. You’ll also have fabulous sightings of the local residents who live along the river, and it’s a great site for bird watching as well as viewing the abundant wildlife.

Some of the luxury lodges offer fly camping, which is a wonderful treat that is best left unexplained. Give us a call, let us plan your tailor-made Selous safari, and you can find out for yourself!

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