Luxury Wildlife & Safari Holidays in Namibia

cheetah in the Etosha national park namibia


Luxury Wildlife & Safari Holidays in Namibia

From the abundant wildlife stalking Etosha National Park to the rare, desert-adapted beasts of Damaraland, a luxury wildlife and safari holiday to Namibia promises a thrilling encounter with some of Africa’s most emblematic creatures.

Centred on a vast salt pan that’s visible from outer space, Etosha National Park promises exciting wildlife encounters. The park houses numerous waterholes and it’s located close to luxurious lodges so you can watch animals drinking while you’re sipping wine in comfort. Guests can also enjoy dawn and dusk game drives. The park is popular with birdwatchers, thanks to the birds that live here or migrate through.

Vast swathes of Namibia are cloaked in desert, so animals have had to adapt to thrive in this inhospitable environment. Desert-adapted elephants roam the arid red landscape of Damaraland, along with desert lions. It’s also a fantastic place to track endangered black rhino on foot.

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