Mantadia Lodge


Set on the hillside above Andasibe village, Mantadia Lodge is surrounded by a backdrop of eucalyptus forest. Just a 10-minute drive from the entrance to Perinet Reserve, and an hour from Mantadia National Park, the lodge lends itself to experiencing Madagascar’s unique ecosystem.

Its 25 rooms and suites enjoy panoramic views, gardens and sun terraces. Contemporary interiors are tasteful with cedar finishes, a wood-burning stove and floor-to-ceiling windows. En suites are spacious and modern, equipped with the latest technology.

Savour French and Malagasy cuisine at the lodge’s restaurant which boasts oversized windows, rainforest views and a 40sqm terrace for scenic dining. Enjoy beautifully prepared picnic lunches during daytime excursions.

Exploring at Mantadia Lodge is done on foot through forest expeditions where guided walks at dawn are often punctured by the haunting calls of the Indri. Relax at the massage spa or by the infinity pool for the perfect respite.

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Why we recommend Mantadia Lodge

Mantadia Lodge, Madagascar, Africa


This is really the place to immerse yourself in nature. Within 10 minutes’ from the entrance to Madagascar's Perinet Reserve, or a short stroll to the local community, Mantadia Lodge is perfect to base yourself for a few days of exploring locally, as well as being the close to explore Mantadia National Park. You can hear even hear the haunting song of the indri indri (the largest living and very rare lemur) from nearby forests early in the morning.

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