Maison Gallieni


Built on the site of an old granary, the classic red-brick building housing Maison Gallieni dates to 1879 and was once the first bank in all of Madagascar.

Designed as a guest house, it’s composed of four well-appointed rooms - Monaco, Tana, Fara, and Gallieni – and has indoor and outdoor common areas for relaxation. Three of the guest rooms are located on the ground floor and come with en suites with a modern shower, sink and toilet. The fourth bedroom is on the first floor with a fire heated living room, dining area, four-poster bed and an en suite bathroom with a bath. In an effort to respect the environment, rainwater is recovered and there’s eco- lighting.

Meals are enjoyed in the dining room or on the veranda, and give guests the opportunity to explore the city’s cuisine.

As well as the outdoor and indoor lounges, Maison Gallieni is home to a small library, heated swimming pool and garden veranda.

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Maison Gallieni, Madagascar, Africa

Set on a granite quarry in Antananarivo city, and originally built in 1879 as the headquarters for Madagascar’s first bank, Maison Gallieni is a delightfully exclusive boutique hotel that is small, comfortable and ideally positioned. Enjoy homely meals, tasteful décor and easy access to lots of nearby sights such as the famous Faravohitra Cathedral and Analakely’s red-roofed market stalls.

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