Assistant Head of Sales Support

Sawal grew up in Sumatra Island, an hour drive from Lake Toba, a large natural lake in Indonesia. 

After graduating, Sawal worked for a construction company in Sumatra, saving his salary so he could explore the world. He then embarked on an epic trip around Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. During this time he rode a motorbike to Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls, Java; visited St Peter’s Church in Malacca, Malaysia; saw the Merlion in Singapore; and visited the floating markets of Hat Yai, Thailand.

His confidence boosted trough travel, Sawal moved to Bali and landed his dream job at Lightfoot Travel. He loves that his role as Assistant Head of Sales Support affords him the opportunity to learn more about other cultures. Next on his go-to list is New Zealand because it combines his passion for nature and culture; he hopes to witness the stunning views of the alpine peaks of Queenstown and to experience walking on the glacial terrain of Franz Josef in person.

Sawal’s Picks
Restaurant: Bene Bali, Kuta beach, Bali – Quite simply, this serves the best steak and wine on the island!

Beach: Virgin Beach, Karangasem, Bali – Just two hours from the airport you’ll find yourself in paradise. Think pure white sand and peace.
Escape: Genting Highlands, Malaysia – I love that there is no air pollution and the atmosphere is cool and relaxing. The cable car up and down to the mountain showcases incredible scenery, too. 
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