Luxury Maldives Cruise and Sail Holidays

While there’s no shortage of beautiful resorts and islands in the Maldives, there’s something sublime about weaving a boat between them. On a luxury Maldives cruise and sailing holiday you can explore remote isles, picnic on the beach, and be lulled to sleep by the gentle rocking of the waves.

Maldives luxury yachts and liveaboards feature living quarters that rival any landlocked hotel. The Sultans of the Seas are a series of sleek yachts that sleep up to ten people, while Dhaainkan’baa offers seven staterooms with spacious bathrooms and a jacuzzi on deck.

Charter your own personalised voyage through this stunning archipelago and make each day your own. Discover coral reefs, surf waves powered by Indian Ocean swells, or just drift between deserted atolls.

Maldivian seafood is succulent and fresh, and your personal culinary team will serve it using exotic local flavours. Dine on the sun deck or takeaway to a secluded beach.

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