See the dramatic landscapes from David Attenborough’s latest documentary come alive in front of your very eyes

Wildebeest Elude Wild Dogs

Every dog has its day… except in the first episode of Our Planet where a herd of wildebeest managed to elude these camouflaged creatures.
Visit: Serengeti, Tanzania. At the Serengeti Safari Camp you have the chance to follow the wildebeest migration then return to the camp and talk about your adventures in front of the fireplace.

Tropical Fish Population Get Dramatic Boost

Not every Our Planet episode has a happy ending, but Coastal Seas (episode 4) showed just what can happen when a reef is protected. A reef in Raja Ampat has now seen its fish population increase by the power of three.
Visit: Raja Ampat. Book into the Misool Eco Resort, home of the famed reef or set sail with Rascal Voyages and discover an ocean teeming with sea life and whale sharks. Want to see ecologists in action, then join Rascal and Conservation International for one of their Exploration voyages where you can tag mantas and survey turtles.

Jaguars Hunting Caiman

It’s a myth that cats can’t swim – particularly if they’re hungry. In Freshwater (episode 7), you see a jaguar swimming in the Pantanal’s waterways hunting caiman.
Visit: Pantanal, Brazil. Travel to the Caiman Ecological Refuge, which is renowned for helping to protect the famed jaguar. The team gives its visitors the chance to spy its rich wildlife including jaguar, caiman and the eyecatching blue hyacinth macaw.

Super-pod Of Humpback Whales

It appears that humpback whales think there’s safety in numbers. For these solitary animals are now choosing to swim in giant pods. David Attenborough’s team catching this phenomenon on film in The High Seas (episode 6).
Visit: Cape Town, South Africa. Book into the clifftop Birkenhead House hotel to see humpback whales making a splash right in front of your window. Want to explore the deep? Then ask your Lightfoot Travel Designer to arrange for you to explore the deep with champion freediver Hanli Prinsloo.

humpback whale south africa

Life In The Desert

The David Attenborough team use timelapse video to capture the minutiae of life in the Atacama Desert in Deserts to Grasslands (episode 5).
Visit: Atacama Desert. Make Explora Atacama the base for your stay, then spend your day exploring this wild landscape by foot, horseback or mountain bike. And keep your camera handy to snap the birds and wildlife that you see along the way.

Contact a Lightfoot Travel Designer to include one of the above locations in your next holiday.

Suggested Itineraries
Arctic_Polar Bear

From HK$129,000 pp

Russian High Arctic

Russia The Arctic

  • Sail around the Russian High Arctic in luxury with all modern comforts onboard Sea Spirit
  • Experience a true expedition cruise to the rarely visited Franz Josef Land archipelago
  • Visit a soviet-era research facility, once a base for polar exploration
  • Look out for colonies of nesting seabirds on the rugged, steep cliffs of the islands
  • Spot polar bears, walrus and endangered bowhead whales around the archipelago

When to go:

ideal length 13 nights
Arctic_Ice view

From HK$76,000 pp

Arctic Wildlife Safari

The Arctic

  • Search for polar bears hunting seals in the pack ice on an arctic safari
  • Explore historical sites including early whaling camps, trappers’ cabins, deserted coal mining operations, and an abandoned polar research station
  • Sea kayaking near tidewater glaciers and icebergs
  • Look out for humpback whales from the outdoor decks
  • Take advantage of the included photography program and learn alongside the onboard expert

When to go:

ideal length 10 nights
Mongolia_Hunting with Eagle

From HK$63,000 pp

Mongolia’s Eagle Hunting Festival

Ulaanbaatar & Central Heartland

  • Living alongside a nomadic eagle hunting family and learning about their age-old traditions and ways of life
  • Attending the annual Ulgii Eagle Hunting Festival and getting caught up in the excitement of this event which locals spend their lives training for
  • Experiencing a less mainstream part of the country and really getting off the beaten track

When to go:

ideal length 6 nights
Destinations Featured in the Article
scattered islands over clear blue ocean, Painemo, Raja Ampat, West Papua

Raja Ampat

A diver's mecca and the epicentre of the Coral Triangle, where a plethora of sealife lies waiting to be discovered - whether in minutiae on seafans, camouflaged on the seabed or blending in with psychedelic coral.

Jaguar, Panthera Onca, Cuiaba River, Porto Jofre, Pantanal Matogrossense, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil South America


The Pantanal is the largest freshwater wetlands area in the world and quite simply the top wildlife destination in the Americas.

Table mountain sunset, Cape town, South Africa

Cape Town

Cape Town is South Africa's most popular and cosmopolitan city and has one of the most stunning urban landscapes in the world. This city really does have it all – incredible dining options, great wine, and activities galore for adrenaline junkies.

A migration of wildebeest in Serengeti national Park,Tanzania


The world-famous Serengeti is home to 'The Great Migration' of wildebeast and zebra, giving one of the greatest wildlife shows on earth for most of the year.

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