Looking for a family bonding experience that's fun? Then book one of these achievement holidays for the whole family
Learn To Surf in Australia

If you’re a family that can’t sit still, book a private surf lesson at Bondi Beach. Your surf coach will take you from sand to surf and help you master your technique and board control. Aged 12 and up.

Girl surfing

Learn How To Pick Tea in China

If your morning cuppa isn’t fresh enough for you, head to the Alila Anji and pick your own leaves. From March to May you will be able to visit a local tea plantation and learn how to pick the famed white tea. After all of your hard work you will be able to leave with a packet of white tea that you can brew when you arrive home.

Alila Anji

Learn How To Be A Mahout in Laos

Join your pachyderm for a trek through the Luang Prabang jungle. Trample along a muddy trail down to the river, where you can help bath your oversized charge for the day. When they have scrubbed up and cool down, you will stop to feed them snacks before you enjoy your own lunch at the reserve’s restaurant. Kids will need to be able to handle the three to five kilometre trek. But who wouldn’t want to join an elephant march?


Learn How To Ride A Horse in Ecuador
Where better to learn how to ride a horse than in the land of the cowboys? Hacienda Zuleta in Ecuador offers horse riding lessons to enthusiasts that are both large and small. You can also try your hand at a few cowboy skills – kids can learn how to lasso and the family can ride out with one of the grooms in the morning to gather 40 Zuleteño horses from the pastures and take them back to the hacienda. Yee-haw!
Girl horseriding
Learn How To Be Top Chefs with Raymond Blanc

Foodie families listen up. It’s time to don your aprons and work your magic in a Michelin-starred kitchen together. Chef Raymond Blanc runs a special Adult And Child cooking class at Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons in Oxfordshire. The one-day course includes taking a tour of the restaurant’s organic garden to find out more about healthy eating, lunch at the school and the chance to whip up some treats in the kitchen.
Cooking class Belmond Le Quat Saisons
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