Lucy Jackson Walsh

Co-Founder and Director

Lucy’s family roots in Asia go way back to 1876 when her great, great grandfather helped finance the expansion of colonial Hong Kong during his tenure as the Chairman of HSBC. Fast forward nearly 140 years and Sir Thomas Jackson’s statue still stands in Hong Kong’s central business district, and Lucy’s love affair with Asia remains.

Her credentials include working for three of the leading tailor-made travel companies in the UK, and her career has progressed from a Latin America travel specialist to one on a global scale, organising trips across the continents. Lucy’s dream has always been to find a way to live and work abroad in a field that involved frequent travel, and she ticked all of these boxes in moving to Hong Kong and co-founding Lightfoot Travel’s second Asian hub in 2011. Lucy then set up the UK office in 2018 and moved to Bali for 3 years before relocating back to the UK. 

Her passion for sustainability in business following a course with the University of Cambridge has started being integrated into Lightfoot's DNA. As always Lucy's favourite part of the job is working with fascinating individuals and key stakeholders both within Lightfoot and beyond. Like all of Lightfoot’s best clients, she is constantly daydreaming about far off places and planning her next big adventure, although usually with her family and three small people in tow. 

Lucy Jackson Walsh’s Picks
  • Hotel: Phum Baitang, Siem Reap - Zannier hotels really understand the Lightfoot aesthetic for pared back minimalism yet cosiness. I believe it's only worth splurging on holidays when the hotel is more comfortable than your own home. 
  • Beach: Palawan, Philippines - Take me back to swimming off the shores of Amanpulo and watching the live version of 'Finding Nemo' with three turtles swimming 'dude style' right by.
  • Train Journey: 'Tren a las Nubes' (Train to the clouds), Argentina - This is one of the highest railways in the world. We went through a series of switchbacks, and spotted a luna landscape as we climbed higher, followed by a lonely llama on the side of the tracks. The idea was to connect with a freight train across into Chile; instead, we missed the weekly connection and found ourselves with no money and a bottle of whisky!
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