Lake Geneva

The largest lake in Europe, Lake Geneva (or as Francophiles would call it, Lac Leman) is a peaceful oasis for all arrive at its shores. Nestled between the Swiss cantons of Vaud and France’s eastern border, Lake Geneva is a popular destination for luxury travellers looking for water sports, hiking, or just some real rest and relaxation.

Lake Geneva has developed a reputation as an A-list playground, with Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn and David Bowie having visited over the years.

The icy blue lake is the result of a melting Alpine glacier and the waters perfect for swimming, sailing, surfing and fishing. The scenery surrounding its shores is striking. Steep vineyards rise above the water, producing excellent wine – best paired with the freshly caught local fish.

Summers by the lake are undoubtedly idyllic, but visit during the winter and Alps at your doorstep offer some of the continent’s best skiing. During this time, you really get the sense of stepping into a mountainous wonderland. Cities like Lausanne and Geneva have their own charm and offer the cosmopolitan array of shopping, fine dining and nightlife.

Not to be missed is the Chateua de Chillon, a grand castle reminiscent of a fairytale. Detox and find inner peace at the world renowned Clarens-Montreux Spa or maybe sunbathe on Vidy Beach. Whatever your fancy, there’s a good chance you’ll find it around Lake Geneva.

There is a world-class choice of luxury hotels for the discerning traveller to truly decompress and enjoy the fresh air.

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