Petit St. Vincent


Located on the remote Petit St. Vincent Island in the Caribbean, Petit St. Vincent is the perfect private getaway for families or couples. Offering complete seclusion from the outside world with luxury and elegance, this hidden gem is a majestic playground for all.

Twenty-two one and two-bedroom cottages are dotted around the island. Built from volcanic stone and native wood, the hotel has been designed to encompass the essence of the island.

At Petit St. Vincent, guests can choose from fine dining at the Pavilion Restaurant or enjoy the more laid-back vibe found at the Beach Restaurant. Incorporating locally produced and caught foods in their menus, each mealtime is a delicious experience.

A variety of non-motorized water sports equipment is available for guests to use, and for those wishing to be a bit more adventurous, deep-sea fishing and scuba diving are offered for an additional cost.

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Why we recommend Petit St. Vincent

While some of the most renowned Caribbean resorts promise glitz and glamour, at Petit St. Vincent in St Vincent & Grenadines the focus is on the environment and the sense of unpretentious luxury. This private island resort, the most southerly island in the Grenadines, has just 22 cottages. Sustainability is a key theme, with no internet, phones, or televisions guaranteeing a genuine escape from day-to-day life. Guests can instead focus on some of the best diving, snorkeling, and swimming spots in the Caribbean. 

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