Bhaya Cruise

Hanoi, Mai Chau & Ha Long Bay

Bhaya Cruises offer one and two-night Halong Bay cruises aboard their larger classic boats, or their private cruise craft known as the Bhaya Legend.

There are four Bhaya Classic vessels in the fleet. Three with 20 luxury cabins and suites accommodating up to 40 passengers, and a fourth with 15 cabins, accommodating up to 30 passengers.

The Bhaya Legend offers exclusive, customised private charters through Halong Bay and the Gulf of Tonkin. There are eight luxury junks within the fleet and the number of cabins ranges from one to four. For the ultimate privacy, the one-cabin junk offers the ultimate romantic adventure. The Deluxe cabins and Suites are beautifully appointed with handcrafted hardwood furniture, modern amenities and large windows. The sumptuous Royal Suites benefit from large en-suite bathrooms with a bathtub, panoramic views and exclusive access to a private viewing area on the upper deck.

Dining is one of the highlights of a Bhaya Cruise. Guests can enjoy three-course gourmet dinners and buffets featuring Vietnamese and International cuisines.

Start the morning with some Tai Chi in the open air, enjoy the scenery with a cocktail on the sundeck, and enjoy a massage in the spa. Cooking demonstrations are also arranged on board.

Bhaya Cruise Information

Location & Getting There

Bhaya Private Cruises depart from Halong Bay Port, which is a 3-4 hour drive from Noi Bai International Aorport in Hanoi.


The Legend fleet comprises of 1 one-cabin junk, 2 two-cabin junks, 4 three-cabin junks and 1 four-cabin junk. These luxury cabins offer the ultimate comfort and relaxation, featuring a dining room, bar and a sundeck in each. The Royal Suite cabins even feature a private balcony with panoramic views of Halong Bay.


Guests can choose from a 1-day cruise, 2 day/1 night cruise, 3 day/2 night cruise or even hire a private charter to customise their itineraries and travel to more remote destinations. Activities include kayaking and swimming in Lan Ha Bay, exploring caves in Halong Bay, visiting remote fishing villages and exploring magnificent limestone islets.

Note that due to the long driving time between Hanoi and halong Bay, Lightfoot does not recommend 1-day cruises, and instead opts for a minimum of 1 night and 2 days.


Children are welcome but occupancy of each room is limited to 2 adults and 1 child.

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Why we recommend Bhaya Cruise

The level of service provided by Bhaya Legend, with its six-man crew, is as amazing as the scenery that surrounds you. Part of the journey is finding spots that take you off the tourist trail, and you won’t find yourself disappointed. While travelling with them, I was impressed by how they located the most unique and scenic routes possible.

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