Luxury Diving in Indonesia

With more than 3000 species of fish, large expanses of multi-coloured coral reef and astonishing marine diversity, Indonesia is a diver’s paradise. Raja Ampat lies at the heart of the Coral Triangle and is considered one of the best diving destinations in the world. This tropical archipelago has more than 10 times the hard-coral species found in the Caribbean, with over 200 pristine diving sites to swim alongside giant clams, massive manta rays, turtles, sharks, barracuda and parrotfish.

Spend your Indonesian dive holiday aboard a luxury yacht or liveaboard to really appreciate the region’s islands, luminous aqua waters and white sand beaches. A sailing trip allows exploration both on and off the land. Away from the water, try guided hiking or birdwatching.

If you’re heading on a diving holiday in Indonesia, our Travel Designers can arrange qualified dive schools and private instructors, cruises and luxury dive resorts, and unique experiences for your trip.

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