Mana Pools

Mana Pools is one of the most untouched natural areas in all of Africa and its conservation is one of Zimbabwe’s greatest points of pride. If you’re looking for for wildlife in its most natural setting, Mana Pools is a must see.

In the native language of Shona, Mana means ‘four’ and this refers to the four lakes that exist year round and are the permanent watering holes for all the species. The expansive 2,500 square kilometres of riverbanks, flatlands and forestry morphs in size depending on what time of the year it is.

The rains inundate the area and the fertile grounds explain why it is such a hub for all creatures and natural life- the plains are never arid. It has a unique ecosphere and cycle of life that inspires conservationists all around the world.

Visitors flock like to Mana Pools just like the animals themselves do. Expect to see the largest congregation of hippopotamuses, crocodiles and aquatic birds during the wetter months. Through the dry season, when water is scarce, larger mammals like elephants and water buffalo roam the lands. It is for good reason a UNESCO-protected area and Zimbabwe has made great improvements in protecting the habitat.

Mana Pools is equipped with exceptional luxury accommodation, ranging from the total rustic and minimal to higher end safari-style lodging.

The highly-experienced Lightfoot Travel team have the expertise and knowledge to create a fully tailor-made that will bring to light this breathtaking landscape.

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