Our favourite sustainable and eco-friendly travel in Africa

Embarking on an eco trip in Africa is a great way to see the continent, travel responsibly, support local communities and help protect endangered wildlife. At Lightfoot Travel, we believe in treading lightly in the countries we visit, and there are many sophisticated eco trips and sustainable programs who share our passion for protecting our surroundings.

Away from the wildlife safaris, get involved with the local community. The Bushcamp Company in Zambia sponsors local schools and encourages guests to visit their community projects or join in with planting trees.

Do your bit for the native flora and fauna by checking into the Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia and contributing to Black Rhino Conservation – Save the Rhino Trust.

Or stay at North Island in the Seychelles to help with their Noah’s Ark initiative, which has reintroduced the Seychelles White-Eye - a very rare endemic bird species - into the area, as well as provided sanctuary for Giant Aldabra Tortoises.

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