Occupying over one million square kilometres of land (roughly the size of Alaska), Mongolia is a place of limitless expanse. Tucked between China and Russia, it is a land all its own, a land of extremes offering snow capped mountains, wide expanses of verdant plateaus, silver flowing rivers, and windswept desert, all within its sovereign borders.

Mongolia remains one of the last untamed frontiers, a place ripe with mystery and intrigue. There are nomadic horsemen who ride across the desert plains, taking shelter in traditional ‘gers’ (felt yurts) to rest. There is the annual Naadam festival, a warrior challenge designed to test courage and strength. There are magnificent palaces that once housed the Living Buddha and ancient kings. And then, of course, there is the legend of Genghis Khan, the famed conqueror and emperor of the vast Mongol empire.

Once isolated from the world by overwhelming distance, today Mongolia has opened its borders, welcoming travellers from afar that come in search of wild landscapes, extraordinary history, and rugged adventure. Experience a unique mix of Russian, Chinese, and Tibetan influences not found anywhere else in the world. Visit the capital of Ulaanbaatar, the iconic sand dunes and stunning mountains of the Gobi Desert, monasteries in Tsetserleg. Though you may struggle to pronounce the names, the experiences will be indelibly marked on your heart in a language older than time.

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Mongolia Itineraries

Golden Eagles & Western Nomads


Head out on a 10-night adventure to discover the fascinating history of Mongolia and experience the incredible 2-day Sagsai Eagle Festival. Witness eagle hunters compete for various awards …

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