Whilst the world has been in lockdown the Lightfoot Travel team reflect on why they love the incredible places they call home

Lucy - Australia

My family's nomadic lifestyle is encapsulated when we left our home of Bali to our other home (as Corona boomerangers back to the parental nest) on the Sunshine coast in  AustraliaWe love exploring as a family but tend to go for longer-stays to really dig into that destination. Being in nature in Noosa's National Park - walking along to beautiful beaches, running to Hell's Gate or simply finding treasures on remote beaches with the children has a magical quality and timelessness that travelling so often gives. Making memories with loved ones wherever we are and whatever we are doing despite the Corona constraints. 

Nico - Singapore

We love living on the west coast of Singapore as its quiet, green and there's lots of space for the kids to run around to burn off their endless supply of energy. Border Terrier Spice is also loving the work from home set-up and all the extra attention that comes with it. 

Simon - UK 

We live in the Cranborne Chase countryside which is an area of outstanding natural beauty on the Wiltshire / Dorset border in South West England. We are lucky enough to live in a cottage on a large farm so we are able to roam freely, go for bike rides, dog walks, and runs without seeing anyone else other than lots of deer and birds!

Olie - New York 

We love living in Brooklyn, New York, with its parks, playgrounds and independent stores. Super lucky to have a garden in these restrictive times.

Harsha - India 

Often called the Oxford of the East for its reputable engineering (my Sheffield educated grandfather was the principal of one of the premier colleges) and medical colleges, it is absolutely amazing to live in Pune, the western Indian state of Maharashtra. We are blessed with several lakes and hills that are within a few kilometres and for a family like ours that loves the outdoors it’s just perfect! Not many cities in India  offer this luxury. And I have to say that it is one of the safest cities too which in today’s world is priceless.

Nikki - Hong Kong

Hong Kong is brilliant because you have access to gorgeous hiking trails right outside your front door. So, despite having to social distance, you can still get out and enjoy the hills and fresh air and maintain some sanity!