Ha Long Bay


To lay your eyes on these wondrous green mountains emerging from the ocean’s depths is something you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Ha Long Bay is the jade jewel in the crown of Vietnam’s considerable natural attractions and highlight of most itineraries.

Ha Long Bay is an archipelago of 1969 limestone karsts varying in size and stature, clustered close to the shores of northeast Vietnam in the Gulf of Tonkin. Descending Dragon is the translation of this captivating geographical phenomenon and it is steeped in ancient myth and legend. Although, the name is variously attributed to a 19th century French sailor who believe he had come across a giant sea monster.

Undoubtedly the finest way to explore this World Heritage seascape is on the deck of luxury junk boat. Each is designed in a traditional wooden style, and comes with luxurious amenities including a restaurant, bar, panoramic deck and well-appointed rooms. Certainly it’s a very relaxing way to explore the hidden beaches and coves, and otherworldly rock formations of the bay.

The exquisite Ha Long Bay experience is not just limited to staying onboard. Lightfoot Travel luxury tours can include activities like swimming in emerald lagoons, open water kayaking trips and exploring the hidden caves. By night one can enjoy dinner on top deck with cocktail party to follow.

Lightfoot Travel will transport you in style to this incredible destination and ensure that you catch these striking limestone giants in all their glory.

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