We meet the chefs from the InterContinental Hotel Group to find out the hottest trends in food and drink for this year


Plating At The Table

Watch your dish come together under your very own eyes as chefs will start to plate at your table. What could make your mouth water more than seeing a deconstructed desert created under your own nose?



Expect your next cocktail to feature turmeric. Nothing excites a bartender more when they can play with an ingredient numerous ways, and with turmeric they have the flowers, leaves and root to whip into glamorous spicy cocktails.


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Locally-Sourced Products

The origin of the product will become extremely important for the chef. And the story of where each ingredient came from will become part of their vision for how they work with it.


Plant-Based Dishes

As veganism continues to rise, you will see an array of plant-based dishes fill the menu. A breath of fresh air for anyone whose only option when eating out was nut roast.


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Comfort Food

When the world is going crazy, a little home cooking does you good. Expect to see more traditional dishes on the menu, but with a modern twist.

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