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Lively Lisbon, Portugal’s capital and largest city, is slung across a series of steep hillsides overlooking the point at which the River Tagus flows into the Atlantic.

With hip boutique hotels hidden among its historic backstreets, stunning architecture (Gothic, Arabic, Medieval), and a sultry Iberian nightlife that never ceases, Lisbon is one of our favourite city escapes.

The first thing to know in Lisbon, is how to start your day like a Liboetas. And that’s with a strong espresso and cinnamon dusted custard tart, which of course you’ll enjoy at a café-lined plaza in the historical centre.

Then hop on the century-old yellow trams for a tour of the city’s top sights. Make sure to stop at the charismatic Alfma Quarter, where a mix of Arab-tinged, maritime and medieval influences collide in a labyrinth of steep, narrow cobblestone streets, which echo with mournful fado melodies.

Head high above the city to the commanding Moorish castle of São Jorge where panoramic views across Lisbon can be best enjoyed.

At night, the fashionable hilltop quarter of Bairro Alto buzzes with Mediterranean-esque vibrancy. Hole in the wall bars offering sweet shots of cherry liquor to passersby mix with chic cocktail club, while Lisbon’s rich gastronomy is well showcased here (and extends way beyond piri piri chicken…).

Anyone wanting tick a few amazing UNESCO sites off their bucket list should combine their vacation to Lisbon with a trip to both Belem and Sintra. The former is home to a treasure trove of historic attractions including the Jerónimos Monastery and the Tower of Belém.

Lauded by Lord Byron, Sintra’s fairytale beauty takes in undulating mountains, thick forests and Romantic castles, once a sanctuary for Portuguese royalty. The craggy coastline between Lisbon and Sintra boast some of Portugal's finest beaches.

Speak to our experienced travel designers to find out more about luxury tours to Lisbon, Sintra and Belem.

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