You’ll find Zurich is far more than simply Switzerland’s financial capital. Blow away any misconceptions and discover a city as vibrant and buzzing as any major European city.

It is, of course, a fabulously wealthy city in one of the world’s richest countries, and has a certain level of class without being too stuffy. This is a place of good taste, high fashion, exciting nightlife, and rich culture. Oh did we mention that it’s home to the best chocolate, so indulge guilt-free!

Activities are of such abundance here that it’s hard to know where to start. For the art aficionados, visit the Kunsthaus Museum, home to works by Monet and Matisse. Tech-lovers can play at the interactive Technorama science museum. Those seeking something more classical have countless cathedrals, churches and grand architecture to see.

The beauty of Zurich is not only found in the manmade structures; the surrounding landscape even more inspiring. Lake Zurich shimmers under the reflective clear blue skies and is clean enough to drink from; not many cities can say that about their body of water. Uetliberg is known for its walking trails and those who hike there are rewarded with majestic Alpine views.

Shopping and dining remain the major reason to holiday in Zurich. The renowned boutiques showcase a who’s who of the fashion world’s top designers. Michelin-starred restaurants, jazzy cafes and bistros line the downtown, making it a top gourmet destination.

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