Luxury Cultural Holidays in the Middle East

Sunset at the Pyramids, Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Middle East & North Africa

Our favourite cultural trips in the Middle East

One trip to the Middle East is not enough to get to know the region’s ancient traditions and culture, but it will undoubtedly get you fascinated and intrigued. Visit mosques, museums and markets, enjoy cooking classes, and learn about local crafts and architecture. Whatever kind of culture buff you are, our Lightfoot Travel experts can customise an itinerary to suit your preferences.

Turkey is rich in traditions, savoury cuisine and engineering. In the capital, must-visits include Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar. Make your way to Cappadocia’s Goreme Open Air Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, to learn about the region’s unique landscape and religious significance.

In Morocco, get lost in the endless maze-like souks of Marrakech, or head to Jordan to tick the city of Petra off your bucket list. Marvel at Iran’s gorgeous mosques and gardens, including the sublime, turquoise-tiled domes and minarets of Esfahan’s Naqsh-e Jahan Square.


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