Luxury Family Vacations in Norway

Luxury Family Holidays in Norway


Luxury Family Vacations in Norway

Head to Norway on a family vacation and experience the magic of Northern Europe and the Scandinavian coastline. With mystical landscapes in the north, enchanting fjords along the western coast, and beaches in the south, there’s plenty to experience.  Young and old can enjoy skiing, hiking, kayaking, fishing, cruising, snowmobiling, snow shoe-walking, reindeer-sledding, horse-riding and much more, furthermore, no one is ever too old to visit Father Christmas in Lapland.

The otherworldly Aurora Borealis - or Northern Lights - is a key attraction. Catch this colourful, dancing light show from mid-September to late March.

While Norway’s landscapes are nothing short of soul-stirring, the capital of Oslo has plenty to offer. Admire local art at the National Gallery, get a sense of the Norwegian’s history and traditions at the Norwegian Folk museum, and visit the Viking ship museum for Viking tales. Then take the Bergen Railway into the countryside. Winding its way through mountains passes, ancient glaciers and mirror-lakes, it is one of the world’s most beautiful train journeys.

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