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The website for Annandale describes the property as a luxury villa collection where the world can’t find you. In actual fact, Annandale is a breathtaking slice of paradise where rolling farmland, open skies, and the sparkling waters of the Pacific await. Escape to this “working coastal farm” that’s about as far from any notion of barnyards and hay bales as you can get. Four distinct accommodation options feature the ultimate luxury and award-winning architecture on one of the earliest and most renowned farms in New Zealand’s South Island, dating back to 1843.


The centerpiece of this historic farm is the restored 5-bedroom Annandale Homestead, which now offers every modern convenience while retaining its roots, character, and charm. The Homestead sits perched above the ocean, surrounded by magnificent gardens, a restored fernery, and state-of-the-art recreation facilities including an infinity pool and tennis courts. Space is yours and yours alone. Roam and explore at will: cut a few flowers from the borders and some salad leaves from the kitchen garden, grab some lemons off the tree for breakfast crepes. This is the height of Kiwi's informality. Make yourself at home.

Set aside time to simply admire the outstanding landscape of the area, rugged natural beauty unparalleled in all the world. With 10 kilometers of spectacular and rugged coastline, 4,000 acres, 500 cattle, and between 7,000 and 14,000 sheep, Annandale is one of the most iconic farms in the country. They provide world-class luxury accommodation, farm-to-table cuisine, and uniquely authentic experiences for every guest.

Scrubby Bay

Warmly embraced on both sides by the surrounding hills, Scrubby Bay is a magical and completely private setting for gatherings of up to 14 guests. This is the perfect location for a once-in-a-lifetime celebration of family and friendship, get ready for an unforgettable stay.

Arrive via a short helicopter flight or a breathtaking 4WD transfer across clifftop farm tracks that bring you to a remote and private bay on the outer reaches of the Annandale property. In this amazing and isolated location, it would be easy to imagine yourself as one of the early pioneers but for the modern comforts found in this luxurious cedar-clad beach house.

A sun-drenched deck, three ocean-front bedroom suites plus a bunk room that can sleep 8, and a huge open plan dining and living space, well stocked with books and games for all ages, meaning there is plenty of space for everyone to relax and do their own thing, coming together as and when you choose. Whether you’re marking a special occasion or just taking a break from the hectic pace of life, you’ll leave Scrubby Bay with a fresh perspective and a warmer heart.


If the Annandale coastal farm and villa collection is the ultimate luxury, Seascape is the sparkling jewel in its crown. An intimate, ultra-modern retreat for two, this extraordinary structure is set on a picturesque private bay, amid a breathtaking slice of paradise.

Seascape offers unparalleled romance among rolling farmland, open skies, and the sparkling waters of the Pacific. Accessed by helicopter or by a 40-minute transfer in a 4WD vehicle, this awe-inspiring setting offers couples the chance to make memories around the clock.

As you approach the bay, with its dark pebbles and azure waters, it’s clear you’ve entered a unique territory. The turf roof, stone walls, and glass façade add another dimension to the rugged landscape. Inside, the incredible view dominates the space; it appears you are floating on the open sea, immersed in its ever-changing moods, yet safely embraced by luxury and modern comfort. Feel the power of Seascape: take your time, breathe deeply, and let instinct guide you.

Shepherd’s Cottage

Authentic, rustic, and thoroughly charming, the historic Annandale Shepherd’s Cottage provides an inspiring rural retreat for two with uninterrupted views of the sparkling ocean. The property is part of the Annandale luxury villa collection, a “working coastal farm” with four distinct accommodation options set on one of the earliest and most renowned farms in New Zealand’s South Island, dating back to 1843.

Indulge in a simpler way of life, with nothing but uninterrupted views of the sparkling Pacific waters and the snowy peaks of the Kaikoura Ranges to ponder. This secluded rural retreat will charm and inspire, whether you’re breathing in the fresh air, curling up indoors, cuddling with a loved one, seeking solo respite, reading a book, or writing one.

The Shepherd’s Cottage was previously only enjoyed by generations of Annandale shepherds. Today, it has been lovingly restored and extended to ensure a romantic and memorable stay. Relax in the outside bathtub under the stars, snuggle up on the sheepskins in front of the open fire, then head upstairs to the warm bedroom under the eaves. From sunrise to sunset, your private retreat is authentic and unforgettable.

Annandale Information

Location & Getting There
East of South Island, 1 hour 40 minutes from Christchurch Airport.

Each of the villas is exclusive use. The Homestead (5 bedrooms, 12 guests), The Stables (2 bedrooms, 4 guests and only available to parties staying at The Homestead), Scrubby Bay (3 bedrooms, 14 guests), Seascape (1 bedroom, 2 guests), Shepherd’s Cottage (1 bedroom, 2 guests).

Hiking, biking, guided 4WD tour, watch sheepdogs at work, shearing shed, kayaking, paddleboard, sailing, fishing charters, cooking classes, dolphin watching, penguin viewing, water skiing, jet boating.

Children are welcome.

destination of the Hotel
Why we recommend Annandale

There is something incredibly unique about Annandale and it is undoubtedly one of our favorite properties in New Zealand. The four separate villas are luxurious no doubt, but there is also something so special about the location - each villa set in its own isolated wilderness area. The Homestead and Scrubby Bay are perfect for multi-generational families or groups of friends, and Seascape and Shepherd's Cottage is the ultimate honeymoon spot.

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