Mother Nature mixes hues of blue, red, orange, purple for breathtaking sunsets every evening!

Lightfoot Travel Director, Lucy Jackson returned from a Fijian holiday and couldn’t stop raving about it. We prompted her with countless questions about this dreamy destination and she gives us her top 12 reasons to visit Fiji: beautiful sunsets, friendly people, gorgeous landscapes… We’re packing our bags right away!

All inclusive rates

If you’re always a little anxious about checking out of your hotel and receiving the final bill, this is a good way to enjoy stress free holidays. A lot of resorts in Fiji tend to work this way and though the initial pricing may seem expensive, it is truly good value for money!


The Great Astrolabe Reef surrounds Kadavu Island and is the world’s fourth-largest barrier reef. Needless to say diving and snorkelling there is nothing short of spectacular. Snorkelers, admire the reef’s stunning coral gardens. Divers, prepare yourself to swim with eagle and manta rays, sharks, turtles and be amazed by the reef’s drop-offs.

Superb marine life
Superb marine life

Gorgeous hotels

The properties we stayed in are reflective of the incredible islands of Fiji. My personal favourite was Matangi Island which has highly personalized service and is adults only (perfect for honeymooners!). Fret not, families are well-catered too, particularly at the Jean-Michel Costeau Resort.

Stunning sunsets

Mother Nature mixes hues of blue, red, orange, purple for breathtaking sunsets every evening!

Fiji - VOMO Sunset
Spectacular sunsets


Islands and resorts tend to be spaced out – the nature of having 333 islands to choose from means that you’re not overlooking other islands (inhabited) like in the Maldives. An added bonus is the stunning vistas from the raggedy and striking mountains and lush jungle vegetation as opposed to the atolls of Maldives.


Bures are the traditional Fijian houses, which are constructed with magi-magi weaving. As there never used to be nails readily available, the weavings keep the whole structure. This traditional craft and thatch is used today in many of the boutique hotels that Lightfoot use, in keeping with the natural surroundings.

Easy living

English is widely spoken in the region making for easy and stress free travel. Also, the Fijians are extremely welcoming and friendly people and will have you feeling at home in next to no time.

Hiking and greenery

Fijian islands boasts superb hiking trails up in the mountains. If there isn’t a mountain behind your hotel, you can easily hop to another nearby island. If you prefer something less challenging, taking a stroll through the lush jungle and stunning vegetation is a lovely experience too. Perfect for walking off the mountainous meals!

South sea pearls

Looking for a souvenir from your Fiji holiday? South Sea Pearls should be on top of your list, and you will be spoilt for choice whilst in Fiji. The pearls come in a rainbow of colours, from soft creams to pearlescent greys.


As foodies, it’s essential that good dining options are present throughout our holiday, which was the case in Fiji. The country has two main cuisines: indigenous Fijian (plenty of fresh seafood and easy on the spice) and Fijian Indian (lots of rice, spice and chilli). Best food discovery was the Kokoda, the Fijian version of a ceviche (fish marinated in lemon juice and coconut milk).

World class surfing

Surfers rejoice, Fiji is a paradise for swell seekers. The permanent six-metre wave Cloudbreak, located off the coast of Tavarua can only be described as fabulous. Surfing legend Kelly Slater has said that Fiji has some of the “most perfect waves that I have ever surfed”, do definitely schedule in some surf time whilst in Fiji.


Hopping aboard the deck of a yacht then sailing from island to island for snorkeling trips and picnic on deserted beaches sound like paradise to you? It’s possible in Fiji!


Discover #VanuaBalavu, one of the #Lau group’s larger islands and one of just two that offer accommodation options! One of Lau’s more beautiful islands, Vanua Balavu offers an undulating landscape dotted surrounded by striking azure waters – perfect for SUP! Vinaka for the pic @andrewbance :) #Fiji

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