Luxury Wildlife & Safari Holidays to Sri Lanka

spotted deers or axis deer in nature habitat

Sri Lanka

Luxury Wildlife & Safari Holidays to Sri Lanka

From Asian elephants and elusive leopards to marine mammals and a diversity of birds, Sri Lanka is a fantastic destination for a luxury wildlife and safari holiday.

With a higher density of leopards than anywhere else in the world, Yala National Park is the jewel in Sri Lanka’s wildlife crown. Asian elephants roam grassy plains, crocodiles bask on sunny banks, jackals and spotted deer slink in the undergrowth, and sloth bears and leopards hide in tangled forest.

Yala hugs the southeastern coast, its semi-arid landscape a stark contrast to the rest of the island. Its lagoons, wetlands and beaches host a myriad of tropical birds. Offshore, whales and dolphins swim past on migration.

The Wild Coast Tented Lodge separates the jungle from the Indian Ocean. With 28 cocoon-like tents fanned out in the shape of a leopard’s paw print, this deluxe resort is the ideal base for a truly wild adventure.

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