Hi Kieran,

Happy New Year!

We had a good holiday thank you, and we generally found the service, standard of accommodation and food good.

Club room was spacious, good if you have children, plus enjoyed the free cocktails!
The pool is situated by the beach and there are plenty of sun loungers, if you are an early riser!  Lot of beds are reserved at the crack of dawn.
Harry loved Candy the elephant and it was great that he had lots of other children to interact with, the kids club was great.
Food at the Edgewater beach café was constantly good as was the service. The main restaurant Locavore had a wide choice of food including Asian and Western favourites. BBQ down at the beach was great. We went out of Outrigger Laguna on a number of occasions and found some good local restaurants plus tried a couple of your recommendations, thank you. The restaurants and bars by the beach are gone but as we were leaving a few new ones were just opening.

Good family hotel which is just what we needed, location great.



SL, Outrigger Laguna Phuket Beach Resort, Jan’ 15