Hi Shyra,

Thank you for introducing us to a truly wonderful place! From the moment that we touched down on Sumba we knew that we were on an adventure and Nihiwatu surpassed our expectations. As you know it was a very special holiday for us and we have travelled extensively in Asia so it was fabulous to find such a unique hotel, in fact to call it a hotel is too limiting, it is is a unique experience. The staff were amazing, particularly Christian, Ka’ala and Kristopher. George the hotel manager was welcoming, attentive and thoroughly professional. Our rooms were drop dead gorgeous, I could have sat all week and just looked at the view!! The natural beauty is amongst the best that we have seen, Ken said the diving was excellent and they all loved surfing. Learning about the work of the Sumba Foundation added an extra dimension to our trip, we visited a school, a clinic and a village and were made most welcome. We left a couple of comments with the hotel but really it would be tricky to find fault, I hope that they manage to keep the magic as they grow. Do get to see it if you can, it is difficult to capture the essence of the place until you see it in person.

All in all you really sorted us out and we are thrilled with your service, we would definitely use you again and George told us to tell you to visit…go!!!

With thanks and very best wishes,

FM – April 2013

FM, Nihiwatu, Indonesia