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Hill Country, Sri Lanka

Smack bang in the middle of Sri Lanka’s stunning Hill Country, these four plantation bungalows offer unparalleled comfort and exquisite service, nestled amongst the hills of Bogawantalawa.

The historic bungalows, originally built for tea estate managers in the days of the Raj, have been restored by Dilmah Tea, along with the co-operation of Bogawantalawa Tea Estates, to offer guests the unique experience of life on a working tea estate. There are 4-6 rooms per bungalow, and 20 luxurious rooms and suites in all.  Heritage and a contemporary style is the hallmark of the Tea Trails experience.

You set your own pace of life while at Tea Trails: unwind in beautiful gardens, visit a factory for a gentle education in the art of Ceylon Tea, or be bold and spend an adventure-filled day biking, trekking and white-water rafting.

All the tempting and delicious food is included in the room rate and throughout the day you can feast on hearty cooked breakfasts, wonderfully fresh dishes including salads and soups for lunch using local and home grown ingredients, a tea fit for a king with homemade scones and jam and of course Sri Lanka’s finest tea to drink and dinners are an indulgent affair with four courses, paired with wines. You will not fail to be embraced into the chef’s wonderful cuisine.

Lightfoot Travel provides tailor-made itineraries that include daily tours and excursions, restaurant recommendations and bookings, and can incorporate Hill Country into a greater Sri Lankan holiday. Take a look at Tea Plantations and Coastal Hideaways as an example of a bespoke itinerary that we can create for you.

Tea Trails Information

Location & Getting There

Smack in the middle of Sri Lanka's stunning Hill Country, Tea Trails bungalow resort is located a 3-4 hours drive away from Bandaranaike International Airport of Colombo.


The resort consists of 4 bungalows housing 21 rooms and suites in total. Norwood Bungalow commands fine views of the Bogawantalawa valley from its oversized suites, each with a four-poster bed and elegant bathroom. Tientsin Bungalow has rooms that open onto English gardens and boast panoramic views of the tea-carpeted mountains. Castlereagh Bungalow features rooms with open fireplaces, dining and drawing rooms that offer tantalising views across the lake. Summerville Bungalow hosts suites which open to private gardens and have access to cosy lounges, with magnificent views of the lake and tea planted mountains in a distance.


- Swimming pool
- Spa
- Library
- Sun deck
- Croquet lawn
- Tennis courts
- Dining: 1 restaurant


Guests are free to explore the life on a working tea estate, play croquet on the lawn, discover the World Heritage Horton Plains National Park, take a walk through lush tea fields and visit old tea factories to learn about the art of Ceylon Tea. Scenic hikes, mountain biking and white water rafting are other activities in which guests can engage.


Children are welcome but there are no specific facilities available.

Tea Trails Price Guide

3 out of 5

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Tea Trails Testimonials

Dear Melissa,

Thank you for your efforts in arranging our trip to Sri Lanka which we enjoyed immensely.

Why House was a lovely place and Hen the manager was very welcoming. It is set up to feel more like a home than a hotel which meant it had a very relaxed atmosphere. It was situated near good local beaches (Jungle Beach being one of them) but was quite far from Mirissa (around 45 mins) and therefore in the end we decided not to go. It was around 20 mins to Galle Fort and they had good contacts there to do things (such as tour of the Fort).

The views from Tea Trails were spectacular and the walks very relaxing. We did the Tea Factory tour which we would highly recommend.

Our driver was excellent. We spoke to others who had drivers who drove very slowly / did not speak much English. Ours was quick but safe and spoke excellent English and had good knowledge of Sri Lanka which made our trip more enjoyable.

Best regards,


Tea Trails Offers

Tried & Tested

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Sprawling landscapes

The incredible scenery, outstanding service and charming bungalows are just some of the reasons Ceylon Tea Trails is Sri Lanka’s most reputed property. Located in the heart of the Hill Country, Ceylon Tea Trails offers its guests a memorable holiday which Lightfoot Travel’s Kieran was very fortunate to experience. He describes what makes the property unique and a must-stay whilst in Sri Lanka.

Where exactly is Tea Trails located?

Tea Trails is located in Hatton, around the lovely Castlereagh Reservoir. I recommend taking the 3.5-hour train journey from Kandy to Hatton. Winding up into hill country, you pass by waterfalls, tea plantations, and villages, and can actually feel the temperatures dropping the higher you go. It has to be hands down one of the most scenic train journeys in the world. If for whatever reason the train is not available, driving will take approximately 2.5 hours from Kandy.

 What is the accommodation like at Tea Trails? And how does each house differ from the other?

Tea Trails is made up of four bungalows that are all quite distinct with different settings. Somerville (4 rooms) and Castlereagh (5 rooms) both have stunning reservoir views. Norwood (6 rooms) gives guests the feeling of being right in amongst the tea plantations themselves and are set amongst amazingly huge bamboo trees. Tientsin (6 rooms) is located further away from the other three, and is a bigger property with a large pool, a tennis court, and truly exceptional gardens.

Does Tea Trails offer any tea-themed activities?

There is a tea factory tour by Andrew Taylor, a relation of James Taylor, a British citizen who first introduced tea plantations to British Ceylon, and developed the industry in the second half of the 19th century. Andrew walks you through the factory and the whole process before sitting down to a tea tasting. He is so charismatic, knowledgeable and passionate, he really makes the experience thoroughly enjoyable.

Describe the room you stayed in.

I stayed in the Somerville bungalow, which I really loved. The room was very spacious with a very English feel – standalone bathtub, writing desk, wooden floors, etc. There was no air con, but you don’t really need it in the hills, and there is a ceiling fan if you get warm during the night. The house is of course very old so you can hear the floors creak and doors opening and closing, but that just adds to the charm!


What is the service and the food like at Tea Trails?

The food is excellent, and the chefs come out after each meal for a chat, making it all very personalised. I loved the fact that everything was all inclusive, so if you want high tea in the afternoon or a piece of cake after your morning swim, you can just ask for it.

Who would you say this hotel caters to?

Tea Trails is fantastic for honeymooners, but it also would appeal to most people. While I can say that it’s fine for families and staff really do go out of their way to make sure kids have a good time, I wouldn’t say it’s amazing for kids in the same way that a resort with kid’s clubs, etc. would be. The Tea Trails experience is so unique, and it’s perhaps one that is much more appreciated by adults.

What were your top three highlights?

    • Tea factory tour
    • The views over the Castlereagh Reservoir

Sitting down with a glass of wine in the colonial-style living room of my bungalow in the evenings



Tea Trails