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Serengeti, Tanzania

Nduara Loliondo was designed to celebrate nomadic cultures around the world; the Mongolian Gers or Yurts, and the Maasai bomas. The outcome of this mix of culture, style, comfort and wilderness, is the most amazing tented camp you will ever see.

The 12 bed “yurt” camp moves between north and south Loliondo to bring you the best of this breathtakingly beautiful area. Although the Serengeti park boundaries officially define the Serengeti itself, the eco- system goes way beyond and encompasses all of the Loliondo area.

The camp consists of six large yurts, with a dining yurt and separate lounge/library yurt. Each accommodation yurt has it’s own en-suite bathroom – attached to the back of the main sleeping area – with traditional safari bucket showers and short drop loos.

From December to June, the camp is located in the open plains of Piyaya, & partners with the village community. This area is bordered by the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Gol Mountains, and Sanjan Gorge. Here, resident game is excellent, and the migration will periodically pass through the area.

From mid-June to December the camp partners with the Ololosokwan village community in the north Loliondo area. Bordering Kenya’s Maasai Mara to the north and the Serengeti National Park to the west, this area also offers a great mix of resident game, and is excellent walking country amidst the dramatic scenery of rock kopjes and woodlands.

Nduara Loliondo Information

  • Location:Greater Serengeti, Tanzania. Nearest airstrip varies with the season.
  • Accommodation:6 luxury tents
  • Activities:4×4 Game drives and bush walks, fly camping
  • Facilities:Simple in design with a dining yurt and a separate library yurt.
  • Weather:The camp moves according to the seasons, however generally the long rains run from March through to May. The dry season is from June to October with short rains from November to December.
  • Children:Over 8 years of age welcome and 12 years and over are permitted to fly camp and take part in walking safaris.

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Nduara Loliondo