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Muang La District, Laos

A scenic 5h30 drive from Luang Prabang lies Muang La Resort, a retreat lost in a village in the North of Laos. Its locations offers a unique opportunity to explore the unchartered northern parts of the country whether by foot, mountain bike, 4×4 or boat.

The property consists of 5 wooden villas with a total of 10 bedrooms, built following traditional architecture and using local wood. The pieces of Lao art present in each room are all locally created and produced which gives off a distinctive unique feel throughout the property. Each room has a private balcony and provides modern comfort.

The notion of a retreat takes on its full meaning as you unwind and take in the peaceful and tranquil setting and tropical gardens. A natural hot spring, thousands of years old, feeds the resort’s spa, which is built 4m high so as to fully embrace the view of the river and mountains.

As the sun sets and night-time slowly settles in, the lodge is lit up by thousands of candle, making for a romantic evening of star-gazing. The resort’s concept of ‘transient restaurant’ allows you to set up your table wherever you please and savour their excellent Lao-Thai cuisine.

The resort has also been fully involved in developing the village it now calls home by completing numerous local projects such as the maintenance of the river bank to avoid flooding, construction of a bridge, employing local workforce, finance several village operations and festivals…

Lightfoot Travel provides tailor-made itineraries that include daily tours and excursions, restaurant recommendations and bookings, and can incorporate a stay at Muang La Resort into a greater Laos or Asian holiday. Take a look at Mekong Journey from the Golden Triangle to Luang Prabang as an example of a bespoke itinerary that we can create for you.

Muang La Resort Information

Location & Getting There

Muang La Resort is situated on the edge of a small traditional village, on the banks of a river and surrounded by rainforests. It is a 5.5-hour drive from Luang Prabang International Airport and a 40-minute drive from Oudom Xay Airport.


The resort consists of 4 wooden villas comprising 10 rooms, each with an en-suite bathroom and a small private terrace overlooking the river, gardens or countryside. Every room is built from the best materials and decorated with designer furniture, all locally created and produced.


- Sauna
- Spa
- Hot water spring
- Massage room
- Mountain bike hire
- Dining: 1 restaurant


The resort has a concept of 'transient restaurant' which allows guests to set up their dinner table wherever they desire for a romantic evening. During the day, embark on excursions to discover Northern Laos, go trekking, mountain biking, or visit the Hmong and Ikhos Villages for a full cultural experience.


There are no specific amenities for children but babysitting is available upon request.

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Tried & Tested

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At Lightfoot Travel, we are always eager to get off the beaten track and uncover hidden gems. And we are convinced we have found one, lost in the Laotian wilderness: Muang La. This riverside retreat offers the perfect place for complete disconnection amidst lush vegetation. We were fortunate enough to savour utter tranquility and interact with hill tribes whilst there.

Where is Muang La Resort and how do you get there?
It’s possible to get into Muang La via Luang Prabang airport, followed by a 5h30 drive. But the best way to get to get to this retreat is to fly into Oudomxay airport from Vientiane. The flight is about 50 minutes from the airport followed by a 40 minute drive to the resort.

What did you do while you were staying at Muang La Resort?
On our second day there, a local guide took us through a walking tour around Pak La village and visited the local temples, some local houses and had lunch on a sala overlooking the picturesque rice fields. We also had light treks where we visited local Khamu and Hmong villages. The Hmongs are very shy and don’t like their photographs taken because they believe you are taking away a part of their soul when you do.

What are the rooms like?
There are only 10 rooms in the resort and each room is a designed slightly differently, each with its own identity that reflect unique Lao art and design. All the rooms are built on stilts and have high ceilings that make the room very airy and well ventilated – even without air conditioning, the nights can get quite cold! Each room also comes with a terrace and I especially liked the rooms by the river where you can spend your evenings on your terrace and enjoy the sounds of the river.


Being quite isolated, are there any concerns one should consider when staying at Muang La? Is the food fresh, for example?
You don’t have to worry about the food at all. The accommodation is full board so all meals are covered and the food is fantastic. Everything from Lao to French cuisine – I had the best ceviche there! Alcohol and drinks are also very much affordable.

Who would this property appeal to?
If you enjoy nature and being away from the noise of the city Muang La is perfect. Surrounded by nature and located by the river, it’s ideal if you’re looking to relax and do nothing as well. It makes for a great base as well if you are also looking for a more authentic experience visiting the hill tribes and local villages.

Anything else of note? Parting words?
Make sure to try the outdoor massage in the resort! The gurgling of the river makes it that much more relaxing!


Muang La Resort