Some local restaurants might not have a menu in English, so it’s always handy to have a picture, especially if there’s a local dish you are desperate to try.

Travelling can be stressful, especially if you’re going somewhere new. Lightfoot’s expert Travel Designers have put together their top tips to make your holiday experience a little bit easier!




1 An Extra Bag For Souvenirs 

If you find it hard to resist a spot of souvenir shopping, it’s a good idea to pack a lightweight foldable bag to carry everything home. There are lots of tempting offers in local markets, not to mention the obligatory fridge magnet for grandma, so it’s really handy to have a bag stashed away for the journey home.


2 Always Have A Travel Candle On Hand 

Conveniently packaged in a tin, these candles are small and can be carried in your hand luggage. They change the whole feeling of a room and bring a touch of homely comfort everywhere you go. Our Travel Designers recommend COMO’s candle that is particularly heavenly.

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3 Never Forget To Pack Tiger Balm

You name it, Tiger Balm will fix it! Although it works on headaches, car sickness and flu, its crowning glory for the intrepid traveller has to be the relief it brings from itchy bites and stings.


4 Always Pack A Scarf

Make it a versatile one that can be transformed into a sarong, hijab, skirt or blanket depending on the situation. And if none of those turn out to be necessary you can use it as, well, just that, a scarf!

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5 Pack Your Shoes Around The Sides, Top And Bottom Of Your Suitcase

As well as providing an excellent layer to absorb impact while bags are being thrown around in the chaos of luggage reclaim, shoes are also a great place to store and protect all of the things-in-glass-jars you’ve bought home with you. This, combined with the ‘rolling your clothes trick’ is the best way to ensure your fragile items get home safely.


6 Put Your Smalls Inside Your Shoes

If your shoes aren’t filled with little jars of condiments and bottles of your favourite local wines, putting underwear, socks and other small items inside them will save you a lot of space.


7 Use Pill Cases To Transport Jewellery

No more tangled necklaces and earrings – need we say more?




8 Always Ask How Full Your Flight Is

This is especially true if you’re checking in late, but only really works at the check in desk. Ask how full the flight is, and then slip in the “Any chance of a complimentary upgrade?”  question. It never hurts to ask!




9 Ask Hotel Staff Where They Usually Go For Lunch

This is the best way to ensure you get a real experience of local dining. However…


10 Have A Photo Of Food You Are Keen To Eat

Some local restaurants might not have a menu in English, or even any waiters who speak English, so it’s always handy to have a picture, especially if there’s a local dish you are desperate to try.


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11 Have Loads Of $1 Bills Handy 

It’s really good to keep small notes on you for tipping waiters, drivers and hotel staff. There are lots of regional differences in how to tip, and how much to give, but your Travel Designer will be very happy to advise you.




12 Split Your Cards And Cash

Try to avoid keeping all of your money in one place. If you have all of your cash and credit cards in one bag, and that bag gets stolen, you’re in pretty big trouble. It’s a good idea to split your cards and cash between several bags, purses, and of course, the hotel safe.


13 Email Documents To Yourself!

It may sound odd, but it’s worth emailing copies of all of your important documents to yourself. This includes things like your passport, ID cards and plane tickets. This way, even if you lose something, you’ll be able to access a copy online.


14 Have Emergency Numbers Easily Accessible

This includes the number to cancel your credit card if it gets stolen and the number of your insurance company, just in case.

And finally…


15 Wear Something With Big Pockets

You can keep your passport and entry forms at hand without having to search around in your bag every two minutes.

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