Expect your senses to go into overdrive as you are whisked high into the hills of the tea country.

Keep your cool when the temperature rises by catching a flight to one of these chilly destinations



Cameron Highlands (24°C in July)

There’s no need to sweat it out in the city, when you have the Cameron Highlands on your doorstep. Book into the former colonial hill station that is now the Cameron Highlands Resort. While away the hours trekking through the cool tea and strawberry plantations or relaxing on the terrace enjoying afternoon tea.

Cameron Highlands



Kandy (24°C in July)

It won’t take much to persuade you to visit Kandy. Not once you’ve read that it’s just 24 degrees and you can take one of the beautiful train rides in the world to get there. Expect your senses to go into overdrive as you are whisked high into the hills of the tea country.



Sapa (24°C in July)

If you really want to get away from the rest of the world, this is the place to do it. One look at the countryside that is home to Hmong tribes, buffalo, babbling brooks and acres of stepped paddy fields, you won’t want to go home. Trek through national parks, visit local artisans or enjoy making a splash at the base of a waterfall.

Sapa, Vietnam



Mount Fuji (4.5°C in July)

Strange that an active volcano should be one of the coolest places in Asia, but it is. It takes two days to trek to the top of the mountain, which might cause you to break into a bit of a sweat. However, if you get there in time to see the sunrise, it is said to be a sight that you will never forget.

Mount Fuji



Mount Rinjani, Lombok (8°C in July)

Looming large above the island of Lombok, is Mount Rinjani. A three-day walk to the top of this active volcano will take you through lush countryside, past turquoise-coloured lakes and to the dark rock of the mountain. At night there are said to be so many stars, you will think that it’s a Hollywood backdrop.

Mount Rinjani

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