When James Cameron was looking for inspiration for his movie Avatar, he turned to the Tianzi Mountains in Zhangjiajie.

You don’t need to wait until Elon Musk can send us all to Mars to snap an out-of-this-world location. Just look at what Earth has to offer


Rainbow Mountains Of Peru

One hundred kilometres southeast of Cusco you’ll find the Ausangate Mountains of Peru. A combination of minerals and weathering have created this geological confection. Locals treat this as a holy place and will use it for daily worship.

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Ethiopia’s Salt Springs

In the Afar region of Ethiopia, you’ll find the salt springs of Dallol. Created by the Dallol Volcano, these alien-like hot springs are created by the hot magma moving below the surface. Just one of the amazing sights you can see in Ethiopia.

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Marble Caves In Patagonia

Found in the waters shared between Argentina and Chile, this marble sculpture has been created thanks to centuries of water from General Carerra Lake moulding the cave and its curves. The blue colour is due to the reflection from the cerulean-coloured water. Best seen at sunrise or sunset.

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Bolivia’s Salt Lake

A prehistoric lake dried up and left behind cacti-covered islands, sparkling rock formations and another excuse for visitors to take the perfect Instagram shots. Join them at Salar De Uyuni.

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Arizona’s Antelope Canyon

Monsoon rains have turned this canyon in Navajo country into a must-visit for photographers. It’s tricky to get that perfect shot due to the natural light show that is created from the rays that bounce off the walls, but the results are sure to be worth it.

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Tianzi Mountains In China

When James Cameron was looking for inspiration for his movie Avatar, he turned to the Tianzi Mountains in Zhangjiajie. These towering monoliths measure up to 1,262 meters above sea level.

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Main image: Tarek Touma/Flickr

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