With more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a diver’s heaven. With a breathtaking natural beauty, large expanses of beach and coral reefs, much of it remains unexplored by humans. Be sure to visit the Raja Ampat – the epicentre of the cultural triange. Definitely one of the top ten diving destinations in the world, the Raja Ampat contains more unique and rare species than the entire Caribbean. This unpolished gem is unforgettable and will certainly take your breath away.

Spend your holiday aboard a luxury yacht or liveaboard for the best way to appreciate the numerous islands which make up Indonesia. This will allow you to explore both on and off the land, hiking with guides and diving with professionals.

See below for our best destinations to head to for a diving holiday in Indonesia, be they luxury cruise ships or five-star resorts suitable for families or a couple looking for a romantic honeymoon.

Properties for Diving in Indonesia

Misool Eco Resort

Indonesia, Raja Ampat

This chic eco dive resort is fringed with powder-white beaches that are protected by stunning clear lagoons and some of the world's richest reefs in the diving paradise of Raja Ampat. Wit…

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A Selection of Diving in Indonesia Itineraries