Discover a magical place at the edge of the world where the Midnight Sun lights up in the night’s sky, the Aurora Borealis dances over a frozen realm, and blazing comets and astronomical phenomena are an everyday occurrence.

Nordnorge (Northern Norway) lies on the on the extreme edge of Northern Europe, within the Arctic Circle. In this land of adventure you cruise on the deck of an icebreaker past hulking fjords, trail elk through the Autumn foliage, dine on freshly caught king crab, or enjoy world-class cross-country skiing in the winter.

To explore this vast frozen wilderness you need expert guidance and Lightfoot’s consultants well-travelled throughout Norway and create award-winning luxury tours and itineraries based on their experiences.

We’ll organise luxury tours to amazing places like the island of Svalbard, where polar bears roam, or the Unesco-listed archipelago of Vega with its little fishing villages seemingly frozen in time.

Northern Norway has a diverse population with many indigenous ethnic Sami in particular, semi-nomadic reindeer herders known in English as Laplanders. The island city of Tromso is largest in the region, set against a sublime backdrop of icy mountains and fjords, and mirror-like watery expanses. It enjoys an old fashioned maritime charm, with a hotchpotch of wooden merchant houses, some interesting museums and the most northerly Botanical gardens in the world.

Tromso is an excellent base from which to witness Nordnorge’s most treasured wonder, the Northern Lights. They occur nearly every night as long as the sky is clear, unusually between 6pm and 1am. An ethereal, magical sight, no matter how many times we see it never fails to astonish us. It is incomparable.

Speak to a Lightfoot consultant to find out more about tailor-made luxury tours to Nordnorge. Northern Norway words wells as a multi-destination itinerary with northern Sweden and Finland.

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Lyngen Lodge

Nordnorge, Norway

This luxury boutique lodge lies on the Lyngen Peninsula overlooking the Lyngen Fjord with a dramatic backdrop of snow-capped mountains, in Norway’s Arctic Circle. Designed to blend in with…

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