Coastal Montenegro


Coastal Montenegro, where soaring mountains and turquoise are separated by charming fortified villages, hugging the shoreline.

The introduction of a magnificent new Aman resort has reinvigorated the tiny peninsula of Sveti Stefan, which had fallen into disrepair following its heyday when silver screen icons like Sofia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor would holiday here.

Located on the Budva Riviera, Sveti Stefan began life as a quiet fishing village, eventually becoming an Adriatic playground for the rich and famous during the 50s and 60s. Vestiges of its humble background remain in the terracotta 15th century-style cottages of the Aman, while its peerless luxury exceeds even that which Elizabeth Taylor would have enjoyed.

Kotor is a charming old European town, full of history and romance, overlooking one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful bays. Kotor became a Unesco World Heritage site in 1979 and as you wander its cobbled streets it feels as if the pages of an illustrated history book are leaping out at you. There’s plenty of charming little churches and cafés to explore among narrow, winding alleys, all bathed in a laid-back Mediterranean ambience.

The ancient fortifications on San Giovanni hill – standing guard over the Old Town – are a worthy historical centrepiece for the town. Standing on the medieval city walls rewards you with breathtaking, Instagram-able views of the Bay of Kotor framed by dramatic mountains and fjordscapes.

Our travel consultants highly recommend taking a boat ride through Boka. This ‘Europe’s most southerly fjord’, where you can watch the orange roofs of the Old Town slowly disappear behind the black mountains.

Coastal Montenegro combines ancient European history, spectacular scenery and a healthy dose of the Mediterranean lifestyle to create one of the most sought-after luxury retreats in the region.

Enquire with our Travel Designers for more about a luxury stay at the Aman Sveti Stefan and a greater Montenegro holiday.


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Palazzo Radomiri Hotel

Coastal Montenegro, Montenegro

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