Bagan is jaw-dropping any time of day, but flying over the fields of temple is an even more unique experience

Feel on top of the world when you take to the skies with a hot air balloon adventure in Asia

Take Flight #1: Inle Lake, Myanmar

At 220sqkm it’s safe to say that contemplating Inle Lake in its totality is an impossible task. However, to grasp the vastness of this beautiful lake there is nothing quite like hopping onto a hot air balloon and making for the skies. From the air, you can admire the region’s rolling scenery of lake, mountains, marshes and stilt-house villages. To get a good feel of the region and its intriguing culture, be sure to couple your hot air balloon expedition with a lake cruise and meet the friendly locals.


Take Flight #2: Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is jaw-dropping any time of day, but flying over the fields of temple is an even more unique experience, as you navigate above the diverse places of worship. As the sun sets over Bagan, you board your hot air balloon in time to admire this spectacular show that Mother Nature puts on every day. With just a single ride over the plains of Bagan, you will see more temples than you would have with three days on the ground.

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Take Flight #3: Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle showcases the country’s majestic Sinhalese ruins and gliding above the ruined cities is a treat. Fly over wildlife roaming freely, watch the sun rise over the morning mist and admire dry plains with rocks jutting up dramatically, meandering rivers and ancient temples.

Take Flight #4: Cappadocia, Turkey

Such a unique and sprawling landscape is best admired from above. Prepare for a truly exceptional journey on one of the most popular spots in the world for a hot air balloon experience. Take off early morning and what the sun rise over the surreal landscape of Cappadocia, then fly over the region’s famed fairy chimneys, valleys and moonscape dotted with villages, orchards and vineyards. The numerous hot air balloons taking off and floating through the air also add to the mystery and beauty of the region.

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