The Nile was a physical and mental challenge of the first order.

We catch up with the UK adventurer after he has just finished his latest expedition – trekking 1,800 miles from Mexico to Colombia


The Expedition Where I Thought I’d Call It A Day 

It was probably when I was walking along the Nile in Sudan, on the edge of the Sahara. I had about another six months to go and all I could see was this really long stretch in front of me. It was a bit demoralising.


The Expedition That Remains My Favourite

Years ago I drove some ambulances from the UK to Malawi in Africa for a charity called AMECA. I did it with 10 of my mates and we didn’t really have a distinct timetable to follow so we could take it at our own pace. I have great memories of that one.


The Expedition Where I Learnt The Most

My first official expedition, which was climbing Mera Peak in Nepal with the army.  It’s here that I learnt about safety and its importance – and when you have to turn back!  Which we did have to do, just before the top.


The Expedition I’m Most Proud Of…

The Nile again, because it was such an endeavour – a physical and mental challenge of the first order.


The Biggest Mistake I’ve Made On An Expedition

Getting in a taxi and being driven off the edge of a cliff in the Himalayas. I had to come home for an operation on my arm, and it broke up the walk a bit.


The One Expedition I Think Everyone Should Do

I would say Nepal.  It’s a beautiful place, with wonderful people, and it needs tourist money after the devastating earthquake a few years ago. If you’re planning any expedition… Do your homework – read up about the place you are going to … and find a good guide.

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