Run by the former sous chef at Tetsuya’s, this [truck] serves nachos with fire-roasted capsicum and pulled pork buns

Looking for chic street eats when you’re on holiday? Then join the hipster crowd and queue at one of these glamorous restaurants on wheels. 


The Bell & Brisket


What: This UK food truck serves up home-cured salt beef with homemade bagels or black rye buns, topped with Japanese radish, kimchi and blow-torched cheddar.

Signature Dish: The Baron Beethoven that is filled with salt beef, horseradish cream and melted Cheddar is a favourite. As are a side of Naked Fries that have been covered in fennel and black pepper.

Salt beef bagesl and rye



New York

What: Not only does this pretty as a picture ice cream truck serve up an array of flavours using organic ingredient, but it’s green thinking too. All the cups and napkins come from sugar cane husks and the spoons are made from corn husks. So while you’re eating, you’re saving the planet. A good reason to order a second serving!

Signature Dish: Giandujja – a blend of Michel Cluizel chocolate, Piedmont hazelnuts, homemade fudge and whipped cream.




What: It’s no surprise that Eat Art Truck was voted the No#1 food truck in Sydney by Good Food magazine. Run by the former sous chef at Tetsuya’s, this kitchen on wheels is serving up dishes such as nachos with fire-roasted capsicum and pulled pork with bourbon sauce. And if that’s not enough,to fill the counter full of trophies, the Eat Art Truck team also invite Sydney’s best street artists to decorate the van each month, and they then donate the art work to charity.

Signature Dish: The eight hour barbecue beef brisket. Delish.


eat art truck 2



What: Forgotten to pack a picnic? Who cares? Just turn to this mobile trattoria. Serving up mozzarella salad, focaccia sandwiches and fresh soup, you won’t want to eat anywhere else. And if you have any room left you can enjoy a slice of panatone or tiramisu for dessert.

Signature Dish: It has to be the buffalo mozzarella salad with one of its mouthwatering vinaigrettes.

mozza and co paris

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