The 300-year-old festival involves climbing to the top of a mountain, wearing white, and drenching fellow festival-goers in red wine

What could be more of a celebration than a festival dedicated to wine?


1 Vineyard to Vintner, California

The Vineyard to Vintner festival is a three-day event organised by the winegrowers of Napa Valley. Each April they give visitors exclusive access to their homes and wineries. There are private tours, food pairings, and barrel tastings with the option to purchase wines at the end of the festival.

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2 La Batalla del Vino, Spain

The ‘Batalla del Vino’ which translates as the ‘Battle of Wine’, is a historic wine festival held each June medieval town of Haro, Rioja. The 300-year-old festival involves climbing to the top of a mountain, wearing white, and drenching fellow festival-goers in red wine using bottles, jugs, and water pistols. Water trucks filled with wine roam the streets helping anyone in need of a top up.

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3 Festa dell’Uva, Italy

This Tuscan festival which celebrates the magnificence of the grape, has been going since 1926. When it started each farm would use an ox and cart to show off their produce, now each Chianti district really goes to town each September by decorating a huge float.

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4. Singapore Wine Festival, Singapore

This October marks the 10th anniversary of Singapore’s largest outdoor wine festival. There are more than 300 wines to be sampled alongside gourmet food at the riverfront venue, which overlooks the Fullerton Bay Hotel.


5 Bordeaux Wine Festival, France

In 2018, the Tall Ships Regatta will finish its journey in Bordeaux, during the wine festival. This gives everyone yet another reason to celebrate. The wine route that runs for 2km along the banks of the Garonne River shows the diversity of regional wines, and it includes over 80 appellations from the Bordeaux and Aquitaine region, as well as the leading brands from the area.

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6 La Nuit En Rose, USA

This is the first ever festival dedicated to rose wine. Held each July, the festival moves from one glamorous location to another. Previous locations have included the Hamptons, New York, Miami and Los Angeles. Expect to quaff your vintage aboard a yacht on the Hudson River, or on a pool deck.


7 Marathon du Medoc, France

Need something to spur you on when you tackle a marathon? How about a glass of wine after every mile. Fans flock to Bordeaux every year to compete in the Marathon du Medoc that winds through vineyards for 26 miles. It’s called the longest marathon in the world as the route is filled with numerous distractions including orchestras and chefs frying up steak.

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