Revel in the famous ‘Stilt Fisherman Indulgence’, priced at $14,500

Everybody loves a dessert, so here is a list of the top 10 places to get one

Vanilla Industry, Bangkok

For those searching for a quiet spot to enjoy a coffee and a delicious slice of cake, head to Vanilla Bakeshop. With its industrial style décor and open fronted kitchen, you can watch the comings and goings in the kitchen as you wait for your order to be bought to the table. For the chocolate lover, the ‘Dark Chocolate Self Saucing Cake’ is a must-try, with its rich chocolate sauce and fresh strawberries, or try the signature dish, ‘The Ring’, a Croissant donut, served with a smooth custard sauce, vanilla ice cream and glass caramel.

You’ll love it for: Try The Ring, Vanilla Industry’s signature cake.

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Café Landtmann, Vienna

Opened in 1873, this elegant and refined café has hosted the likes of Sigmund Freud, Marlene Dietrich and Sir Paul McCartney. Join this glittering tradition with a visit to this traditional Viennese café to sample their famous Apple Strudel, made in kitchens of a former royal palace. Marvel at the stunning architecture and perfect proportions of the building itself, and tuck into the delicate and enticing range of desserts on offer.

You’ll love it for: The Apple Strudel fit for an emperor in the self-proclaimed centre of the Apple Strudel universe.

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Rocambolesc Gelato, Madrid

Fuelled by Jordi Roca’s love of ice cream, the Roca brothers saw the potential for creating and marketing a wide range of exciting ice creams, based on all of their favourite desserts. With a range of innovative flavours, including pumpkin and tangerine sorbet and coconut butter with violet ice cream, Rocambolesc won’t fail to surprise you with a new flavour combination. All of the ice creams are beautifully served with a range of toppings, including delicious cake, candied fruit and cotton candy.

You’ll love it for: Innovative ice creams, inspired by the chef’s favourite desserts.

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WIYF (What Is Your Flavor), Shanghai

Opened in April 2016 WIYF has become a massive success in Shanghai, and there are literally people queuing around the block for a taste of its ice cream. The creamy texture and wide range of flavours, including vanilla, chocolate and the rather more exciting banana or blackcurrant, would go a long way to explain its popularity, as would its cute and quirky ice cream van style serving hatch. Just make sure to dodge the selfie sticks that are flailing wildly around as people try and snap themselves with their cones, as well as the scoops that invariably end up on the floor in the process.

You’ll love it for: Well… the people queuing round the block must be on to something.

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The Fortress Resort and Spa, Sri Lanka

Relax in the beautiful Fortress Resort and Spa, and revel in the famous ‘Stilt Fisherman Indulgence’. Priced at $14,500 the dessert is an Italian cassata-style dessert, decorated with gold leaf, and flavoured with tender fruit infused with Irish cream. It features a Dom Perignon champagne base, a handmade chocolate carving of a traditional Sri Lankan stilt fisherman and an 80-carat Aquamarine stone. This dessert, combined with the peace and tranquility of the property, will make you feel truly indulged.

You’ll love it for: You will be given the chance to indulge in one of the world’s most expensive desserts.



The Duck and Waffle, London

Situated on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower in the heart of London’s financial district, The Duck and Waffle offers a varied menu 24 hours a day. Why not sample one of their delicious desserts as you watch the sun rise over the Thames? Dig into some salted caramel choux buns, or share Torrejas. The menu suggests a wine to accompany each dessert, and also offers a wide range of cocktails. Take the ride in the scenic lifts, 230 meters into the sky, for beautiful views along with your delicious dessert.

You’ll love it for: Stunning views of London and delicious desserts served 24 hours a day.

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N2 Extreme Gelato, Sydney

Fresh fruits, local dairy and liquid nitrogen. Almost the classic recipe for gelato. The restaurant uses the science of macro-gastronomy to create a delicious and exciting range of ice creams. Each ice cream is served with delicious toppings, and a syringe full of sauce. The flavours are ‘creatively decadent’ and each customer can watch as their ice cream is carefully put together.

You’ll love it for: Delicious Gelato, made with liquid nitrogen, by artisans in lab coats.

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Honest Chocolate, Cape Town

From truffles to tarts to cakes, Honest Chocolate has it all. Relax in the café, or the courtyard, with a tea or coffee and a chocolatey treat. Try a dairy-free milkshake and the Banana Bread Bunny Chow, the café’s speciality. Founded in Cape Town, the café sources its ingredients as locally as possible, and has a strong ethical foundation.  If you visit in the evening you might discover the Secret Gin Bar in the courtyard…

You’ll love it for: Being every chocolate lover’s dream.



Magnolia Bakery, New York City

Located in the National Historic Landmark of the Rockefeller Center, Magnolia Bakery creates a dazzling array of sweet treats. Try out a mini cheesecake flavoured with key lime or caramel pecan, banana, caramel or coconut cupcakes, or one of Magnolia’s own Icebox desserts, including Blueberry Jamboree, Snickers Icebox Pie or Chocolate Pudding Parfait. Each delicious dessert is created on-site, daily, so availability can vary.

You’ll love it for: The fact that this is the bakery where the Sex & The City girls put the world to rights.

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Kurt, Rio de Janeiro

Opened in 1942 by Kurt Deichmann, a refugee from the war raging in Europe, Kurt has remained faithful to its European roots. With over 30 varieties of pastry and cake there is something here for everyone, and a particular favourite is the apricot pie. This was one of the first things to be prepared by Kurt when the shop opened and remains a popular choice today. The beautifully decorated pies and cakes will delight your senses, and prove an irresistible temptation.

You’ll love it for: A taste of European sweetness in the heart of Brazil.


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